A dental implant is by far the most effective way of replacing missing teeth permanently. No matter how stressful it may seem to be, dental implant supersedes other alternatives like denture or dental bridges. However, like all different types of surgery, dental implant surgery to take time to heal. Because most people’s concerns center on dental implant recovery, we shall be providing a description in this article of the recovery process of dental implants and how much time they take.

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How long before implanted area heals

Because one patient differs from the other, it is quite difficult to say how long dental implants recovery process will last. However, the time needed for dental implants to heal generally falls around three to six month after the teeth are artificially placed. You may think the wait is long, but compared to other medical implants that are load-bearing as this one, the time frame for recovery is remarkably short. Besides, the pain and discomfort that come with having a dental implant only last for around ten days after the surgery, and the doctor will most likely provide you with medications that will cater for this pain. Nevertheless, a few factors are affecting the length of dental implant healing time. Take a look at the elements below.

  1. Osseo-integration

The period that Osseo-integration requires to take place affects the general dental implant healing time. This is because it is only when this is achieved that a tooth can be attached for use without problems. When a dental implant is connected to the bone, it is to replace the root portion of the tooth. It could take months for the bone to fuse with the implant and make the implant strong and reliable enough to hold a tooth. Unfortunately, the process of Osseo-integration cannot be accelerated. However, the duration of this integration process differs for different people.

  1. Special cases and individual needs

Dental implant healing time vary depending on the cooperation of the patient’s body. If for example there’s a failing tooth that needs removal, the healing period will be extended because the patient will need to wait to for the bone to heal before an implant can be placed to restore the tooth. Besides, some people heal differently and faster than others.

  1. The number of implants

Another factor is the number of implants that the patient undergoes. Is it a single implant, multiple implants, or All-On-4 implants? The more implants underwent, the longer the dental implant recovery process will take.

  1. Sinus left

A sinus left surgery adds bone to the upper jaw of the patient, which is the area beside the molars and premolars. To do this, the dentist will have to lift the sinus membrane for the added bone to fit. Recovery from a sinus left can vary as well and can lengthen the patient’s recovery time.

  1. Bone grafting

If a patient’s jawbone is not thick enough to withstand the pressure that comes from chewing, the patient will be required to undergo bone drafting. This may not be necessary for some people while it is very crucial for others. A patient who undergoes the bone drafting process will likely experience a longer healing time than a person who doesn’t. In some cases, this process can even take several months to heal.

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Things to expect during recovery

It is likely that after the dental implant, you start to notice some peculiarities; you need not to get worked up because some of these things are normal. Since we have discussed how long dental implants take to heal and the factors that can cause the healing time to vary, we will go further by explaining to you the things to expect after you’ve had dental implant surgery. But first, you should check out our website www.vipdentalimplant.com for more information about dental implants procedures.

On the first day after the surgery, you’re likely to notice oozing, Persistent bleeding, swelling, and pain around the implanted area. All these symptoms are normal, and they show that your body is healing itself. However, you have to be careful not to disturb the area, and try to get as much rest as possible. On the second day, you may notice a greenish-yellowish discoloration around the surgical areas. This discoloration is normal and will only last for a couple of days after the surgery. Moist heat can help reduce the discoloration. Apart from these, it is also likely that you feel a sharp protrusion around the area. Other typical characteristics of dental implant recovery are dry lips, stiff jaw muscle, and sore throat, all of which should subside after 2 to 3 days.

Tips for a successful recovery

  • To reduce the chances of getting the area infected, avoid rinsing, spitting and disturbing the surgical area
  • Always take your medications as prescribed by the doctor
  • Avoid eating food that is hard during the first few days after the surgery. Instead, go for soft and easy to chew food and make sure to drink plenty of water.
  • To manage swelling, place ice on your jawbone while keeping your head elevated. Do this for the first few days after the surgery
  • Though you are allowed to brush your teeth, try as much as possible to avoid the implanted area
  • Rinse surgical site with warm water to keep it clean and free from infection
  • You might experience bleeding after the surgery so gently bite down on gauze for the next 24 hours after the surgery to curb the bleeding.
  • Smoking could cause more harm to the surgical area so avoid smoking for at least two weeks after the surgery has been performed.
  • Mouth appliance like retainers, night guards and dentures should not be worn for a minimum of ten days after the surgery.

So, are you battling with a damaged or missing tooth and need a place to have your tooth replaced? At VIP dental implants, an amazing dental implant experience is guaranteed for you. We will stand by you through your dental implant recovery process and ensure that your gorgeous smile is renewed. Go on and visit our website at www.vipdentalimplant.com   to book an appointment with us.

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