There is no bigger bother than knowing that your teeth are missing and the only option is to get false denture or even a dental implant performed. However, if you are not game for false teeth, what options are left on the market for you?

To overcome the insecurities of missing your teeth, dentures are the go-to option, as they are comfortable and fit into your daily schedule like your natural teeth.

So if you needed a denture for your mouth, what alternatives are opened for you?

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Dental Implant

Dental implants are your first and only choice of for replacing your missing teeth. Not only are they easier to deal with, they are more natural looking than other option on the market, but it demands to dig deep into your pocket especially if multiple sets of teeth are involved. So a more affordable dental implant is the removable Partial denture or RPD.

This process mimics a full denture procedure in giving you a mouth full of teeth or perfectly replacing that one tooth that is causing a dent in your self-image. The material used is made of plastic resin with the same color as your gum and super lightweight with an underlying metal frame to hold the jaw construction in place when in your mouth. False teeth from the exact spot they are missing from your mouth are placed on the frame in the same location as they will be in your mouth.

Why we love removable partial dentures?

They are not the conventional denture available on the market and are designed to last forever. Furthermore, removable partial dentures are not just sold on the market where you can go and pick up one and place in your mouth; No, they are made specifically for you. The process involves, the patient goes to the dentist who examines the mouth to ascertain the location of the missing teeth to create one just for you. The picture of your mouth will form the dentures needed to create your own removable partial dentures.

Considerations when making Removable Partial Dentures

First of all one size doesn’t fit all, so just because your partner has missing teeth like yours doesn’t mean your own dentures can be used. So avoid sharing dentures with other people. Furthermore, the size and shape of each tooth are measured to make false teeth.

  • The dentures must stay in place, and unnecessary movements are limited include during chewing, talking or doing basic stuff with your mouth and teeth.
  • The dentures are light enough to just sit on your jaw without exerting any undue pressure on your gum.
  • It should be easy to remove and place in your mouth. It must be easy to clean and maintain to reduce the chances of bacteria or spread of infection.

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Full Dental Implants

This is another alternative to false teeth and mostly for a patient with no teeth or has more teeth missing from their gum especially in elderly or senior citizens. These dentures are designed to replace both the upper and lower arches of teeth. Patients that can undergo this procedure are those without teeth in their mouth as stated above or those that are having teeth removed due to infection, sickness or are damaged and look bad.

Resin-Bonded Bridge Dentures

This is another type of alternative denture that is mostly used to replace missing front teeth. It is called boned because it has attached to it “wings” that sit on the adjacent teeth to allow the new tooth stay in place without moving too much. This doesn’t reduce the efficiency and performance of the tooth in eating chewing or biting down on things. It is a better alternative than partial dentures but not as durable as fixed implants.


Fixed Dental Implants

As the name suggests, these are dental implants that are fixed in place in your mouth, that is once in place, it is not removable like the two types stated above except by the dentist or a professional endodontist with knowledge on fix dental implants.

Fixed dentures are good for young people that have lost a tooth or set of teeth due to accident or disease, they give that full natural looking teeth look and are so comfortable you won’t remember they are false.

We love fixed dental implant as they can be treated like your own teeth including everything from cleaning, dental checks and flossing but because they are fixed in place meaning you are unable to reach the gap in-between.

General pros for Implants

  • Dental implants feel, look, and function as the natural teeth. This allows the individual to perform normal activities like chewing, eating, biting, speaking properly without worrying about them getting damaged or destroyed in the process.
  • Dental implants are not prone or subject to decay or affect your oral hygiene, but with partial implants, you have to continue your regular oral hygiene including regular visits to the dentist to prevent an infection.
  • They save you the trouble of battling with your self-confidence
  • Dentures are cheap and designed just for you
  • Dental implants are known to stop or regulate bone mass loss in your mouth

General Cons

  • Dental implants are expensive even though they are durable alternatives to false teeth
  • Dentures require special cleaning process which can lead to discomfort or slippage
  • Constantly removing and placing your dentures can cause bone loss
  • Dentures need to be checked and realigned at regular interval
  • Dentures wearers have been reported to suffer from nutritional defects for inability to effectively chew on their food.

Well with the information above, having the right dentures or implant as an alternative is a choice for you and your dentist to make. Furthermore, restoring your smile and confidence is paramount to us.

For more information on alternatives to false teeth, how they work and a qualified dentist to help you through the process, then you are welcome to VIP Dental Implants or visit us at .

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