Do Any Dental Plans Cover Implants

Dental implants are usually not covered in most insurance plans and finding one that will cover you having an excellent veneer or teeth can be very challenging. The reason is that dental implants are classified under cosmetic surgery and hence most insurance companies rather stay away from charges or costs that will not benefit them.

In this article, we will try to search for a dental plan that will cover all your dental problems regardless of the treatment you want and how much it may cost even though it won’t be easy. So let cross our fingers and hopefully, find a dental plan that will cover that dental implant you so desperately need.

Why dental insurance is needed?

As challenging as it is finding a dental implant plan, there are some dental plans that cover simple dental plans likes having braces for the kids. This is only plausible if you are a mom or need gums treatment or a visit to the periodontitis. Whatever your case, we have dental plans that will cover all you need to manage the cost.

How much does a dental plan cost?

Dental implants cost varies from place to place and can cost anything from over 1500 dollars to 8200 dollars per tooth for a candidate that lack insurance plan. The cost also depends on the number of teeth and the cure required.

However, we will not be able to give an accurate cost as the dental cost is not covered by insurance companies.

An Insurance plan that covers everything

You first line of action is speaking with your dentist regarding the dental implant you are requesting. Your dentist is a great source of information that will aid you in choosing the right plan or go through your current insurance plan and see if it slightly covers any dental plan of any sort. The one plan that may be recommended is the indemnity dental insurance plan.


Indemnity Dental Insurance Plan

This is a rather funny system; in this plan, the patients pay fully for the dental implants out of their own purses for the treatment, and the insurance company in turns returns the charges for the treatment back to you.

Your dentist can allow you to use this plan by setting up a payment plan with you been the recipient. This is the only process where dental implants are covered by an insurance plan.

The good things about this plan are you are not limited to a particular hospital or dentist but have the privileged right to visit any dentist of your choice.

All you do is to ensure that you pay a deductible on the policy while the insurance company covers the rest which is usually between 50 to 80 percent of the original and total cost and a total of 100 percent of the preventive care.

The procedures are very straight forward and go as thus;

  • The dentist that performed the dental implants submits the bills for the entire procedure to the insurance company for a review
  • Once the bills are approved, the candidate will be complete reimburse partially or wholly for the cost of the procedure.
  • However, before you request reimbursements from any insurance company, it will be for your own good to ensure that the company understand dental implant and will return your fees paid else you might be paying the full charges from your pocket.

Other dental plans are:

Dental Health Maintenance Organization (Dental HMO): in this plan, the HMO restricts you to a particular provider but what you do enjoy with this plan is you don’t have to wait for in line for coverage, and the amounts are fixed.

Dental Preferred Provider Organization (dental PPO) is not complicated or limited as the HMO, but you pay higher charges for the out of network services. The limitation is that the waiting period is long and daunting, which prevents people from buying into another plan and dropping the initial plan they signed up for with the PPO.

Alternative Dental Plans

A simple Google search might give you all the answers you need as companies that offer plans that cover dental implants are readily available for you to speak to.

Chances are you will not find one plan that covers all you want but may find a network of insurance policy that alliance with dentists so that clients can get the dental work they need for themselves.

These networks may sometimes be more expensive than your regular insurance plan but are well worth it.

Alternatively, you can also consider saving up for dental implants; this allows you to save more by teaming with the dental insurance with a lower cap annually, when your savings hit the cap, you will be reimbursed for the year and can finally undergo the dental implant you desire and the ability to pay for the treatment.


How the plan works

At, we perform all dental treatment from crown, bridges, implants, dentures and all minor and major dental procedures. We want to be able to provide dental services of all kinds to our patients without then breaking the bank.

Although we try to provide the best service for all candidates, we also offer partial coverage for dental implants.

This is where we come in, to enjoy one of our services, just log in to our website, and sign up following the procedure or you can call any of the lines listed on our site and speak with any one of our staff and service agent who will gladly put you through the process.

When you are done with the registration, you are covered for basic checks, and almost all dental procedures including implants, dentures, and others.

The dental plan also varies, and you can choose the plan that suits you, and your treatment.

We at VIP Dentals understand that most people don’t know much about dental plans, so we try our best to educate all patients that come to see us for a dental implant. You can be sure that all is laid on the table for you to make a choice.

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