Technology and unbelievable medical innovations have taken dental surgery up another level, these days getting brand new set of teeth can be done the same day and tooth implant time is gradually reduced from the long periods of months to just a day. This is amazing. Not only does this process give you smashingly beautiful teeth, but the results are also durable but temporary.

Having your dentures fixed and functional the same day might look impossible, but for specialist dentist and endodontist, the process is easily performed by a certified and qualified medical personnel or facility like VIP Dental Implant.

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How long does it really take to get new tooth implants?

Traditionally, implants will take almost a year before they are perfected to fit and function in your mouth but now doctors can literary fix in temporary dental implants that will function pending when your permanent tooth or teeth are ready. So, to better understand this seemingly amazing procedure, we are going to dive tooth first into how it really works.

Same day dental implants

These are what dentists referred to as an immediate load; it means a temporary crown is implanted and used afterward with any time wasting. Normally this type of surgical procedure is for cosmetic purposes, but they function well and will not in any way limit your ability to perform with your teeth such as biting, chewing, tearing, etc. In fact, these dental implants behave like your natural teeth in every aspect. This process is applicable for a tooth or teeth.

Same day dental implants are applicable for any types of teeth deformation or fixing, but you have to remember that they are temporary and it will be better to go for the permanent implants. Most patients go for this type because you bypass the normal process of waiting several weeks or months before the process is complete. The bones heal together with the implant in a matter of weeks.

The procedure for dental implant

You check in with your doctor for a consultation. Most initial consultations are free, and this will allow the dentist to check if you are eligible for this procedure and how much it will cost you. The examination also includes checking if you have enough bone mass into which drilling will be performed to place the implants.

Furthermore, the pre-check will include how the tooth was lost and in some cases if the bone is too soft. The endodontist will recommend a grafting procedure done before the implants.

This process will take 1 to 3 months. Grafting involves taking a bone piece from another area of the body and shaping and inserting it in the gum space where the implants will be placed.

NOTE: in both cases, the dentist has to make you are a candidate for the implant and the grafting process.

Each step is a tediously long process, but if you have good bone mass and your tooth and gum heals, normally in a week or more; then the dentist will suggest the implant date. However, you might have to wait for months to ensure that you are mentally alert and prepared for the day of the implants.

The day of the implants is no different from other procedure, you are numbed prior to the surgery; when you awoke, and a new set of temporary implant will be ready for you. There will be pain, but your dentist should recommend painkillers that will help you manage it as it heals.

You come back for a post-op check-up. This will allow the dentist to check for any problems and also gives you a chance to complain of any troubles. To aid recovery, patients are usually asked to feed on soft food and liquid until the healing is complete in a couple of weeks.

The final process involves replacing the temporary crowns with permanent ones. This will not be as painful as the initial stage as no more drilling, cutting are done.

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Who is a candidate for same day dental implants?

Candidates not liable for this procedure are –

  • Have bad oral hygiene
  • If you are a smoke addict or suffer from an immune-related disease, you are not a candidate for same day dental implants
  • If you suffer from teeth grinding, clenching or any incident that allow you to rub your teeth

Basically, if you want any kind of dental implant surgery, you must be sound in health and physically; although some implants fail regardless, it is always better for the patients to ensure that all grounds are covered prior to the operation.

The Recovery Time for an implant

Always ensure that you go in with a friend on your day of the visit as the process involve local or general anesthesia but the recovery is painless with little or no discomfort.

The jawbone and areas around the jaw will heal on their own; the gum also tightens around the implant. This simple process takes a minimum of 3 months or depending on the patient, 6months for a complete closure

The next step is after the healing is the attachment of the abutment; this little metal anchors the crown or artificial tooth.

At this point, the dentist then makes a mold for you to bite into; this is the model that your new permanent teeth will be made from.

The final step is when the artificial temporary teeth are removed and the permanent ones bonded in place, polished and ready for use.

So how long does your Tooth implant take?

To get the whole process right and ensure durability, permanent dental implants take between 3 months to over 8 months.

We want to recommend that even though same day dental implant is a possibility, it is better to through the long months for a smile that will last forever.

For month information on starting the dental implants procedure, visit and book a free consultation or a professional dental implant dentist to help you replace your dentures without any worries. At VIP Dental Implants, your teeth will be as good as natural and have you smiling like a star.

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