Today, life is full of options. You can choose the type of movie to watch or the kind of food to be delivered to your doorstep. When it comes to fixing your missing tooth/teeth, you also have options. One of them is getting a dental implant. Dental implants have become popularly known as the best tooth replacement option available today to help you get back your complete smile.

If you are wondering about the number of teeth that you can replace with dental implants, well this is a matter of individual choice. As per your desire or requirement, you can replace from a single tooth to all the entire teeth in your mouth with dental implants. Dental implants make it possible for you to put a complete arch of replacement teeth on just about 4 to 6 dental implants.

Sometimes, you may wonder if it is really necessary to undergo such extensive teeth treatment to save your teeth. Well, one of the wonderful things about having the dental implants as replacement teeth is that it can never get a cavity even if you are prone to having a cavity. Dental implants can be used as a replacement option for any of the following:


A Single Tooth

If you’re missing a single tooth, you can easily get it restored with a single dental implant. Dental implants are actually small titanium posts that are inserted directly into your jaw to mimic the root structure of your missing tooth root, a new replacement tooth is then attached to this metal post. Once the dental implant has been inserted into your jaw, a metal support called abutment would be attached to the implants. This abutment sticks out above your gum line and would be covered with a porcelain crown. Porcelain is actually one of the most preferred and advanced materials used in dentistry, this is because it can be shaped and shaded especially to perfectly mimic the natural teeth in every way.

Consecutive Missing Teeth

Conventionally, a dental bridge is used to fill the gap created by consecutive missing teeth in a row. This method, though effective, requires that the healthy natural teeth around the gap be filed down a bit so as to allow the dental crowns that would be used to support the replacement teeth to fit properly. However, if you do not have enough dental structure on the surrounding teeth to support bridges, using dental implants would be the better option.

To use dental implants in this case, two implants would be inserted on either side of the space, and replacement teeth that sit above the gum line would be attached to the implants. In comparison to a dental bridge, dental implant looks better, lasts longer, and provides much better function. This is called implant-retained bridges.

Multiple Missing Teeth

If you have multiple missing teeth in your mouth or even missing an entire row, you can use dental implants to support a new kind of denture. This is called implant-retained denture, where multiple dental implants are inserted into the jaw, and the denture is attached to the implants directly. This process can work for either partial or full denture. In comparison to traditional dentures, implant-retained dentures give a stronger and better bite force to the patient, maintain their fit for a long-term and are much more stable.

Normally, getting implant-retained dentures requires that you have about 5 to 8 metal posts inserted. However, if you do not have sufficient healthy jaw bone to make this possible, you may opt-in for the All-On-4 procedure. With this procedure, your dentist would use just 4 strategically positioned dental implants to support the whole denture. Implants are inserted where the jaw bone is naturally stronger and thicker. This method is very efficient because both the dental implants and the dentures can be fitted in just one appointment.



Our patients love being treated at our locations, with consistent 5-star ratings across the board.

Dr. Jung and his staff are great! Beautiful facility, experienced no pain or discomfort & of course Philly was great and walked me through the entire process!

Israel Gomez

I was absolutely 100% pleased with my whole experience. The staff were very nice and made me feel comfortable . I was extremely impressed with the results as well.

Dr. Jung is excellent and very precise at what he does!

Alyssa Kantis

I had a great experience, staff and Dr Jung are amazing!

Jennifer Strong

I had a fractured premolar, and Dr. Jung removed this tooth and installed an implant.  This was tooth #13 with an unusually long root, and he successfully removed it with minimal discomfort to me. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Jung for any oral surgical procedure.

Pavlos X

Absolutely loved my experience with Dr. Calvin Jung! He is professional and truly dedicated to giving the patient the results they desire. His staff is upbeat and are happy to address any of your concerns. I will definitely continue traveling to Houston to see Dr. Jung!


Paola M.

Had removal of tooth and replaced with implant. Surgery went well, recovery was painless. Staff are pleasant and knowledgeable. Highly recommended visiting Dr. Calvin for any dental reconstruction


Ryan Sankar

Received a dental implant from Dr. Jung. The procedure went very well; Dr. Jung paid close attention to my level of comfort throughout the procedure and even texted me later that afternoon to check on how I was doing. I would recommend Dr. Jung to anyone and plan on returning to have my wisdom teeth removed.

Colin Rog

Best surgeon I have ever had. Professional, clean, friendly. Quick recovery time and made the procedure as painless as possible.

Vaman Amble

Wow this was the BEST surgery experience I’ve ever had. Dr. Jung is an amazing oral surgeon. I had to get an extraction and implant. The results were perfect and the healing went as planned. My recovery time was very minimal and was able to go back to work the very next day! If you’re looking for a great surgeon I highly recommend Dr. Jung & his awesome team.

Toan Vu

So Which Option is the Best for You?

If you realize that you are always concerned about your missing teeth every day, maybe this has made you limit your food choices or whether you simply don’t smile. Getting dental implants can really help you to get back your normal lifestyle and smile. To know which of the above options is best for you, simply contact your dentist or a professional dentist in your area, the dentist would be able to help you in deciding which option would help you rebuild your smile.

How Does Dental Implant Work?

A dental implant can be used to support dental bridges, crowns, and dentures. For instance, if you have only one missing tooth, a single dental implant can be used to give support to the dental crown that can be used as a replacement tooth.  Just like its name, a dental bridge can be used to bridge the space between missing teeth. The dental bridge is anchored by one or more dental implants. If you need a replacement for a full set of missing teeth, the implant-supported dentures are the best replacement option. The implant-supported dentures are supported by about 4 to 8 dental implants. To ensure that the dentures are very stable, the dental implants are strategically positioned into your jaw.

Actually, the number of dental implants varies depending on the individual situation. However, your dentist would be able to determine how many dental implants you should need.

Benefits of Choosing Dental Implant

A dental implant has a number of benefits over other dental restorations. Getting the dental implant would:

  • Enable you to smile confidently again.
  • Restore your normal-looking facial appearance.
  • Prevent loss of bone by keeping your jaw bone stimulated with normal chewing.
  • Give you a custom-made dental restoration that imitates your natural teeth, thus, enabling you to enjoy a natural-looking smile.
  • Enable you to speak, chew, and eat without worrying that your teeth will shift or slip out

We Have You Covered

A dental implant is one of the most versatile and comprehensive dental replacement options available today and can help you to get back your confidence and smile. As you have read above, irrespective of your number of missing teeth, we have you covered and can help you.  In case you have any question about getting a replacement option, or you want to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us today.



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