Do Dental Implants Lasts Forever

Don’t we all wish the best things in life last forever, well, you will be glad to know that, if you take care of your dentals properly, they will outlive you? Now that is nice knowing that dental implant treatment can last upwards 25 years and beyond.

Dental implants are man’s greatest ingenuity of the plastic/cosmetic restoration industry. These teeth are a prosthetic replacement made of titanium roots with a porcelain crown and since its introduction to the general public over 4 million Americans and more around the world have undergone dental implant treatment or sought the services of a dental specialist. This number is said to increase in the coming years with the durability of the implants.

How long do dental implants last

You must have seen and heard everywhere that dental implants last for 25 years, but we at VIP Implants is telling you today that your dental implants can last a lifetime with the right care.

When the dental implant is cared for – brushing, flossing, and regular visits to the dentist; you can be sure that these dentals will be buried with you. However, since they are manmade material, there also undergo wear and tear which can thin it out. This will mean you need a replacement but don’t worry; they will serve you for about ten to fifteen years before that happens.

You should know that dental implants located at the back of the mouth suffer more wear and tear than dental implants in the front, so a replacement at the back might come sooner than later, but you still have to wait a decade more.

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How can I care for my dental implants to make them last longer

A typical dental implant treatment consists of three parts – the implant that is very durable and sturdy. This part stay put regardless of the wear and tear on the crown,

The second part is the abutment – this is the cylindrical top attached to the implant on which the crown will be connected to

The third is the crown – this is your new teeth for that ever bright smile.

The implants are made of titanium metal and will last forever even if the tooth falls off but to ensure the remaining part stays put, these factors that you can do on your own to improve their lifespan.

  • Keep consistent dental hygiene including brushing twice and remember to floss after every meal
  • Keep your appointment with VIP Implant to see your dentist for regular cleaning and examination. The check ensures that your implants are intact and don’t have any problem.
  • Treat them like your natural teeth and avoid biting or chewing on a hard object as they can break just like your regular teeth
  • Improve your diet and overall lifestyle including add exercises too

Will my dental Implants still be permanent if I undergo a bone grafting procedure

Most time people that come into our facility for a dental implant procedure, we realize that the jawbone is too thin or the underlying bone structure is not firm enough due to gum infection, trauma or disease.

In such cases, our dentist will recommend a bone graft procedure to restore the health or your jawbone before the implants are inserted for osseointegration to take place.

However, most people are concerned about the durability of a bone graft procedure; well it is nice to know that at we have specialists dentist that will ensure your dental implants lasts forever.

Below are four types of bone grafts for a dental implant procedure

  • Autogenous grafts: the is the commonly used bone grafting technique in the dental implant where a small piece of bone is removed from any part of the body that is marrow-rich with plenty of cells that will enable growth that can hold your implants during the dental implants in the future.
  • Allografts: as science would have it, there is always an alternative in all aspects, the allograft is a process where the dental surgeon uses donor bone grafts instead of using one from your own body
  • Xenografts: in this situation, the bone grafts are not of human origin, but from an animal. Most dental surgeons that employ this procedure use the bone graft from a cow as it has more compatible anatomy to a human
  • Alloplastic Grafts: as the name suggests, the dentist uses grafts that are not of natural origin neither humans or animals but from synthetic sources that are resorbable or non-resorbable calcium phosphate grafts

When to check your dental implants

Even though your dental implants are permanent or rather durable, there is the need for consistent checks since we all know the origin. They do suffer from complication and failed procedure by a quack and uncertified dentist.

Furthermore, a dental check will give you peace of mind knowing that any fear or doubts you have are just formalities that can be addressed is checked early.

 Some complications that can be experienced by dental implant patients are:

  • Suffering an infection around your gum and implant area
  • A loose tooth or painful tooth
  • A shaking implant
  • Inability to chew or bite hampering eating
  • Tissue damage resulting in numbness and discomfort
  • Pain resulting in swelling of the gum, chin, jaw or cheeks
  • Sinus problem as a result of the implants touching the sinus area
  • Implants becoming too stiff and uncomfortable
  • Pus and bacteria growth in the teeth or around the implant

Maintaining your implant to last a lifetime takes simple steps that have been mentioned above, but we will enforce the importance of going for treatments when you find failing implants in your mouth.

A visit will be a thorough examination to determine the extent of the damage but also discuss how it can be fixed. However as with every surgical procedure, if you follow the aftercare treatment plan given by the doctor, you will enjoy your dental implants for a very long time to come.

Are you considering a dental implant treatment, and then you should reach out to us now? We are not your regular dental implant services, but an expert in all things dental. Our reputation speaks a lot about our professionalism and customer service. Visit us at and book a free consultation now.

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