What Are The Signs Of Dental Implant Failure

The choice of getting a dental implant depends on the reason that affects your general wellbeing. However, in any dental implant procedure; there is the need for a successful procedure to prevent any eventuality in the future. We do have to remember that these implants are man-made and fixed by man and hence there is always the probability of failure from either the dentist/surgeon or you. The success of a dental implant process depends on you and us.

The Anatomy of Dental Implants

  • The procedure of any dental implant is three steps – the first stage is the implant of the metal screw or cylinder into the jawbone or gums.
  • The second stage is attaching the abutment which is the part the teeth will larch onto
  • The last stage is fixing the teeth unto the abutment. Closely analyzing these steps, you will notice that there is always an attachment. These attachments can come off if each process is not allowed to heal before the next stage.

One of the most important steps in the dental implant procedure is Osseointegration. This is a process where the implants and the bone structure are allowed to bond together to form a tight bond and based for the abutment and teeth to seat on without shaking or falling off in the future. If this process is not properly looked upon, the implants are bound to fail.

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Other factors that can cause dental impact failure aside osseointegration are:

Early Implant Rejection: some people have a metal allergy or will generally reject any foreign object placed in their bodies including implants. When such incidents occur, it is the duty of the dentist or the surgeon to check if the implants are well embedded in the jawbone or gum line and that the process of osseointegration is taking place before continuing with the procedure.

A background check can also be performed by the dentist by looking through your medical records to ascertain if you have any allergy and choose the best implant for you.

Late Implant Rejection: just like the early implants, late rejections also happen. This happens when the patients don’t take care of their dentals through proper oral hygiene habits causing the implants to be affected. Some habits that can affect dental implants are:

Gum Disease: this is the number one effect of dental implants procedures to fail. The disease comes either before or after the process. A good dentist will check the state of your gums before implants are embedded.

Any damage to the gum should be allowed to heal completely before an implant is fixed and never accept a dentist word that it will be okay, it will not be unless it’s done properly.

  • Lack of Sufficient Jaw Bone: some people that come in for dental implants have thin jawbone and jawline that will not accommodate dental implants. Osseointegration is important as without enough bone for the implants to larch on.

A good dentist should always take into cognizance the bone density before any implant else the risk of failure is higher.

  • Smoking: after any dental procedure, the dentist always advises you not to smoke until the healing process is complete. Smoking hinders the healing process by restricting blood flow to the gum. In fact, smokers are at a higher risk of suffering from dental implant failure than anyone else.
  • Underlying medical conditions like arthritis, diabetes or an immune disease are all diseases that cause the body to delay healing processes and slow the process of osseointegration.

Certain medications also hinder the healing process; researchers at McGill University discovered that a heartburn drug affects bone density and the process of osseointegration.

  • Poor dental care: we are all victims of poor dental hygiene, and this practice affects those that want to go for a dental implant in the future. If you are planning for a dental implant, you should stick proper care before, and after the procedure.
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Signs of a failing dental implant

Prior to the dental implants getting worse, the following are early signs of failing dental implants and in case you are wondering how it feels, just imagine your natural tooth having a problem, all the feelings and pains are likened to a tooth implant failure. They are

  • Inflammation of the gum including redness and tenderness of the area
  • Loss and shaking tooth or implant
  • Difficulty chewing and biting down of foodstuff including a soft one
  • In extreme cases, abscesses formation leading to throbbing headaches, insomnia and foul breath
  • Feverish feeling and even a spike in body temperature
  • Swelling in and around the failing implant
  • Lack of taste in your mouth

Bleeding when brushing around the wobbly implants


Treatment for a failing implant

Rush to the hospital immediately or call your dentist. Don’t fret when your implants are failing as it can be fixed by a good medical hand. The dentist numbs the area, removes the tooth and checks the implant.

If the implant is intact around the bone mass, the implant is cross-checks and the tooth fixed, but in a situation where the implant is the problem, the dentist removes the implant, and you undergo a bone grafting technique to reinstall the dental implant again.

The dentist advice you stop smoking and chemotherapy to hasten the healing of the fixed implant.

Talk to your doctor

When going back for a dental implant procedure fixing, please never forget to sit and have a lengthy discussion with your doctor concerning the procedure. Do not take anything for granted and remember to follow the instructions given by the doctor after the procedure.

Where to go

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