Options for Permanent Teeth Replacement

At VIP Implants, we have perfected the art of dental surgeon and will give you any type of dental surgical procedure for replacing missing tooth/teeth, cracked tooth or completely damaged tooth/teeth. Our teeth replacement options range from single tooth replacement to full mouth restorations. If you live in the surrounding areas, please feel free to walk into our facility, and we will guarantee you a mouth of white, bright and beautiful teeth by one of our qualified dentists.

How to choose the right permanent replacement option for me

With too many options on the market, we try to discuss the various options and which one is best for you depending on the extent of the damage in your mouth.

The reasons for a teeth replacement service range from inappropriate lifestyle, bad eating habits, oral negligence, trauma and accident to part or some of the teeth in your mouth. However, if your job or career requires having the perfect set of teeth in your mouth, you will be surprised at the options at your fingertips for a permanent replacement that will last forever.

When you have decided to go for a permanent dental replacement; we enjoy you perform the following action before the procedure.

  • Ask your dentist all your questions –don’t hold back on any fears or doubts in your mind
  • Don’t miss any test or examination including X-ray and physical test
  • Understand the option you have chosen well and the risk and benefit attached to it
  • Get a recommendation from other candidates that have undergone such procedures and how it was for them
  • If you are certified a good candidate for the dental procedure, come early and enjoy the process.

Dental Implant Options Are:

These are the most common permanent replacement option available for most clients and include single tooth replacement or full mouth restorations. The single tooth implants are faster and great at replacing a missing tooth. They are natural looking and very comfortable too.

In this procedure, the dentist secures the implants in place and the tooth is then attached to it.


The benefits of this option are:

  • It is a fast choice to getting natural looking teeth
  • The tooth is stable and durable
  • The use of implants prevents bone loss or shrinkage of the jaw
  • It works just like your normal teeth, and you can care for it as such
  • It works independently of the adjacent teeth

The risks with this option are the patient must be proven certified, and healthy for the procedure to take place.

  • The patient must have adequate bone mass
  • It is not a less invasive teeth replacement
  • It is expensive

Implant Bridges (Fixed Bonded Bridges)

This option is for people that want to replace a set of missing teeth. In this option, the dentist inserts implant across the section where the teeth are missing as support bridges where the teeth will be bonded.

Fixed bridges are the most natural looking and very comfortable set of permanent teeth if you are missing just one tooth from your mouth.

The benefits are

  • They function well and are durable
  • They are cheaper than regular implants
  • Doesn’t affect the adjacent tooth
  • They work like the natural teeth

The risk associated with this option is without proper oral hygiene you might affect your adjacent teeth, and with the wrong lifestyle, you might do more damage than good with this implant.


Partial Removable Dentures

As the name suggests, these are attached to the base of your gums by a plastic base that can be removed for cleaning and before retiring to bed.

  • The benefits of this option are it is easy to clean and manage
  • It is very affordable
  • It is a non-invasive dental implant and a great option for the elderly

The risk of this option is it could impact your speech fluency and what you eat. Furthermore, because they are not implanted in the root of the gum, there is the tendency of the underlying bone structure to suffer degradation that will finally affect the contour of your face.

Full mouth Dental Implant

As the name suggests, this is a permanent solution to any teeth problem that you may suffer from. The implants are embedded in the jawbone before the crowns are fixed.

The benefit is they are a very permanent and durable option for all teeth problem. It is a natural look and feel like that too. They will last a lifetime if well taken care of.

The risk of dental implant is fewer or none if you follow the instructions given by our dentist after a procedure.

The Cost of Implants

Implants are expensive, and it’s usually a cause for concern when considering a dental implant. Dental implants that require a surgical procedure are why they are that costly. For a single tooth implant, candidates can spend anything from 1500 USD to hundreds of thousand for full mouth restorations.

Whatever your choice, remember to choose the right facility, and dentist that will utilize their talent to give you the best smile ever.

Caring for your implants

Getting an implant can take months to get the final result but it is worth the wait. The procedures for dental implants are not rush-rush as the dentist must be certain that you are a candidate for the process. When the process is completed, the care of your dental implant depends on you. So during recovery stay away from cigarettes or any factor that will affect your new dental or hinder the healing process.

Where to get a dental implant

To avoid wasting money and time in the hands of a quack dentist, visit VIP Implants today. We will not only give you the best in the industry, but you will also be relating to our best dentists, surgeons, and an endodontist who will discuss the process prior to every surgery.

If you are worried about the success rate of dental implants – the success rate is about 95 percent with a little case of a failure when the proper care is taken.

Do you have any questions about dental implants or teeth related, visit www.vipimplants.com for more information today.

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