Dental implants are one of the best dental procedures but are also shockingly expensive. In fact, the cost of dental implant procedure can make your jaw drop.

Probably, your dentist is trying to recommend dental implant treatments to you and you’re wondering how much you would pay for the dental procedure. This article will explain to you the average cost of dental implants. This article would also make you understand why dental implants are as costly as they do. And I assure you that once you see why undergoing dental implant procedure is so expensive, you would appreciate the dental procedure and be happy to pay that much cost to any dentist who knows what he’s doing. Therefore, read on to gain this valuable information.

Average Cost of a Single tooth implant

Generally, it costs about $1,000 to $3,000 to receive a single tooth dental implant. Both the abutment and crown cost about $500 to $3,000. Hence, the cost of a full single tooth dental implant is about $1,500 to $6,000 per tooth.

This cost is actually the estimated out-of-pocket dental implant cost without aids from dental plans or dental insurance. Other associated costs, such as the cost of initial consultation are inclusive of this estimated cost. However, depending on your circumstances, you may have to pay a higher total cost for your dental implant procedure. More so, the costs get higher if you need to undergo dental implants for multiple teeth, the costs only rise higher.


Average Cost of Multiple Dental Implants

If you are missing multiple teeth, you may need to undergo multiple dental implants. Normally, undergoing multiple teeth implants could cost about $3,000 to $30,000 or more. For instance, to replace between 2 to 4 of your teeth with multiple high-grade tooth implants could cost you about $6,000 to $10,000. It is important to note that this estimate may vary depending on extra associated costs and the circumstances of an individual patient.

Undergoing the multiple dental implant procedure requires that the patients have healthy natural teeth on either side of the open area and a healthy gum line to hold the dental implants in place. The location of the missing teeth is also important because you may not need to undergo individual dental implants for each missing tooth if they are adjacent to one other.

Average Cost of Full Set Mouth Dental Implants

Most people prefer to undergo implant-supported dentures, which is also called full set mouth dental implants. Undergoing full set mouth dental implants would cost the patient about $7,000 to $90,000, with an average cost of $34,000. For instance, installing a full set mouth dental single plate, for upper jaw or lower jaw, usually costs about $3,500 to $30,000.

Full set mouth dental implants differ from the traditional dentures because they are stable and are secured in place without using adhesives. Full mouth dental implants are the best option for patients who lack several teeth in a row. However, many other teeth may have to be removed for the necessary implants to be added, this subsequently raises the associated costs of this dental procedure significantly.



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But Why Do Dentists Charge So Much?

One of the main reasons why patients are charged high implant costs is to cover the bill for both the dentist and surgeon. More so, the patient may need to visit the dental office multiple times to complete each step of the dental implant treatments. All these – more professionals, more visits – translate to more payment.

However, one of the ways to save money on dental implant treatments is to use a dental discount plan or treatment plan. This would save you lots of dollars on tooth replacement and on any other dental implant treatments.

In case you wonder, undergoing dental implant treatments entails more than just sitting in a dental chair, receiving anesthesia, tooth extraction, and having replacement teeth fixed into your jaw. No, there are many other steps involved in ensuring the quality and safety of your replacement teeth. Here are some of the dental implant procedures that raise the implant costs.

CT scan or X-ray

Your dentist would need to first take either a CT scan or an X-ray of your mouth before fixing the implant. These images act as blueprints for the dental surgery and will be used to find the best place to fix the implant. Actually, the dental implant procedure cannot be carried out by the surgeon without the blueprint. CT scan or an X-ray may cost about $25 to $200 and this adds to the bill.

Bone Grafting

There is a possibility that you may also need to undergo bone grafting. Bone grafting is when a small piece of bone or a full piece of bone is taken from somewhere else in the body and placed in the jawbone. Bone grafting is carried out when a patient does not have sufficient bone in his/her jaw to support the dental implant. The cost of the bone grafting depends on both the source of the bone and the amount of bone needed. Sourcing bone from a cow or cadaver or creating synthetic bone may cost about $250 to $1,100. Sourcing the bone from the patient’s own body normally cost higher, about $2,000 to $3,000 as it involves 2 surgeries – bone harvesting and the bone placement, and hospitalization.

Tooth Extraction

There are times where one or some of the patient’s teeth must be removed/extracted before the dentist can fix the dental implants. This procedure would add to the cost too.

The Dentist’s and Surgeon’s Fee

This fee varies depending on the level of experience of the dentist and surgeon as well as the time it would take the dentist to extract the teeth and fix the implant and the surgeon to carry out additional necessary surgeries. The costs of these services range from about $500 for a surgeon still in training to about $2,000 for experienced dental surgeons. You may also have to pay the anesthesiologist about $500/hr to $800/hr.

Other factors that affect the cost of dental implants include the cost of materials and the location of the dental implant procedure.

It’s true that dental implants are quite expensive. But if you need the best and affordable dental implants, contact us today. Having the best dental implants would give you the right lifestyle that you desire.



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