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In as much as a dental implant is an acclaimed best way to replace a missing tooth, multiple teeth, or complete teeth that look and function exactly like natural teeth, the long waiting required to have your tooth or teeth back can be a great challenge. The procedure can take a few weeks to several months. Repeated visits to your dentist office are not only time consuming but it eats into your personal itinerary too. To stem down on this ‘time wasting venture’ prompted someone to think of the ‘Same-Day’ dental implants procedure. The same Day dental implant is a procedure where you can have a completely new tooth or a set of teeth in just one visit to your dentist. Same-day dental implant can save you some cost as you don’t need to travel to and fro to dentist office several times. At VIP Dental Implants, we offer same day dental procedure.

Same-day or ‘immediate load’ dental implants offer the convenience of getting your implants done without an extended waiting time. It also cut down on repeated pain and discomfort you may have to experience during each visit in traditional dental implants. It involves placing a temporary crown on the implant immediately after the implantation is done. Though this is not the permanent tooth or multiple teeth you needed, it functions well with eating and brushing until after the healing process is complete.

All-On-4 lower denture is a popular type of immediate load dental procedure in which your dental experts insert 4 implants in the jawbone to offer the needed support for the entire denture. A temporary prosthesis is placed over the new implants, giving you natural lifelike look teeth throughout the osseointegration period.


This procedure has a great time advantage over the traditional implants where you may need to wait several months before the crowns are finally placed on the implants. Again, the ‘same-day’ implants give more comfort and confidence to dental patients. The usual feeling of ‘bareness’ in the mouth is eliminated until the final crown is placed.

Traditionally, the conventional dental implant procedure may take several months of waiting time; the same-day dental implant takes just several weeks to get your new set of teeth back.


Who Performs Same-Day Dental Implants?

All certified dental expert can perform same-day dental implants, unfortunately not all qualified dentists would want to go near the procedure. The same-day dental procedure involves a variety of risks which many dentists don’t want to take. If not carefully done, it may result in some complications which may adversely affect the reputation and professional integrity of the dentist.

You need to inquire from your dentist if a same-day dental implant is the best option for you and if he renders this service. If not, you may need to embark on some personal online search online for a competent dentist around you by using the dentist-finding search tool.

The same-day or ‘immediate load’ dental implant procedure carries a load of risks with it.

Some limitations of same-day dental implants

As attractive and time-saving as same-day implants may seem, there some inherent limitations which, if not taken into consideration may affect the success of the implants. Some of this includes:

  • The mobility of implant may result in failure

If the implant is not securely fixed to fuse well with the jawbone, this may lead to mobility problems which may cause the implants to shift or move. The movement of the implants may allow pieces or particles of food to sip into the gap. Plaque may develop leading to tooth decay and in some unfortunate cases, gum infection may occur. It is necessary that extra care is taken to ensure that the implant is secured without movement. At VIP Dental Implant, this is a certainty.

  • Limited application

The same-day dental implant is limited in application as it cannot be carried out on a patient with weak or loss bone. Equally, a patient with injured or infected gum or jawbone cannot enjoy this service. It is only ideal for dental patients with relatively strong teeth and strong jawbone.

  • The same-day dental implant is not immune to failure

A same-day dental procedure is not quite immune to other failures such as implant failure, minor discomfort, pain, and infection which can occur in other traditional dental implant procedures.

Most of the possible risks of the same-day procedure are implant movement; implant failure, pain, and minor discomfort.

Have you been thinking of fixing your dental issues? Look no further as VIP dental implants is just the perfect one stop clinic to give you that same day dental implant you desire.

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