The dental world is one that a lot of people are not so familiar with and as such, very few people know what dental implant procedure is all about. While to some people, getting dental implants is just replacing a tooth with a golden one, the whole dental process transcends beyond that. With the tooth being vital to the body, we are committed to seeing you have a healthy tooth free from any pain or damage.

This article aims to bring to the spotlight how dental implants are done by taking a look at who can be enlisted for a dental implant, what enlisted persons should expect in the dental implant process and the step by step procedure to affect the implant.

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Who Needs Dental Implant Surgery?

It can be easily concluded that everyone with a missing tooth needs a dental implant, this might not be so. Dentists have provided some class of persons who should be in the front line of those who should go through this process. These classes of people include:

• A person who have lost one or more teeth
• Anyone who has a tooth that is damaged
• A good bone structure to enhance the successful conduct of the implant.
• A good condition that is medically ascertained

All these are important because the absence of any can mean such a person is not right to undergo the dental implant process. It is also vital that you ensure you have good oral hygiene and your health is in check before going in for an implant.

What to Expect From the Dental Implant

The first vital thing to note is that the dental implant is unlike other surgeries. This is because it is a long process that sometimes takes a whole lot of time primarily because it happens in different stages. So if for example, you have a damaged tooth, the first thing the dentist will have to do is to identify the damage, before going on to remove the tooth. To ensure that you do not feel the pain that comes with it, you’d be given anesthesia.

When this is done, a certain amount of bone is removed from another part of your body and grafted to your jaw bone in cases where the jaw bone is lacking enough bone for the implant. This will take a while because the jawbone will need to heal. Then, you’d have the new metal tooth placed on the grafted jaw bone and go through the healing process that takes a whole lot of time.

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The Step by Step Procedure of Dental Implant

It will be complicated for anyone who is not familiar or has not experienced the dental implant process to understand it if it is not broken down to a step by step procedure.

  • Consultation Stage

When any problem is identified by you, you will need to visit your dental implant dentist and discuss such an issue with him or her. When this is done, an X-ray will be conducted by the dentist on your mouth to identify what exactly the problem is. When this is done, the analysis of the findings will be made known to you, and the dentist will provide you with the best treatment plan and every other information needed to guide you through the process. At this stage, it is imperative you ask the dentist questions to seek clarification on gray areas.

  • Tooth Removal and Bone Grafting Stage

When the damage done to the tooth is identified, such tooth will need to be removed to avoid further damage. In doing this, anesthesia will be administered to the patient. When the tooth is removed, you will either have to go through the bone grafting process or not. When there is sufficient bone in the jaw to aid the implant, there is no need for the grafting. But where there is insufficient bone, the dentist will have to get bones from other parts of the body and graft them to your jaw. This process takes about 4 to 12 month to heal.

  • The Implant Stage

When the grafted jawbone is fully recovered, then the implant can be carried out. This is one of the most crucial parts of the dental implant procedure. Here, a metal screw is passed to your bone to enhance the prosthesis. With the aid of anesthesia, you won’t be aware, and as such won’t feel the pain. Then an implant of a golden tooth will be placed on the jaw bone and needs about 5-7 months to heal properly.

  • Setting The Temporary Crown Stage

While some patients would require the temporary crown, others might need a healing collar or both. This crown is a round metal piece being put on the implant to ensure the gum heals appropriately and quickly. This crown or collar stays on the implant for about 14 days or less as the case may be.

  • Placing The Abutment Stage

Placing the abutment is a necessary stage of the dental implant process. A new impression of the abutment is always taken for every tooth that is implanted. Then, with each abutment placed, comes a temporary crown to check the healing of the tissues while the permanent crown is made.

  • Setting The Permanent Crown Stage

This is the final stage of the dental implant process, and what is required here is to place the crown and have it properly cemented in place. This way, the whole implant is sealed, and then it’s left to the patient to begin taking adequate steps to keep his/her teeth healthy.

While the dental implant procedure might seem like a very difficult one, you will not have to bother if the right hands are being trusted to carry out a dental implant for you. With our years of experience and expertise which is clearly evident in our ratings, we offer the best dental implants you can find around. Click here to know more about our offers and services.

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