Find Dental Implant Specialist near Me

//Find Dental Implant Specialist near Me

Do you have a damaged or missing tooth and looking for the best implant dentist to handle your dental implant in Houston? This article will offer you some useful tips to help you choose the best dental implant specialist.

Foremost, dental implant dentists aren’t required to acquire any special training to be able to perform dental implant in Houston. As a result, some dental implant dentists may be inexperienced or less experienced in dental implant procedures and are more prone to make serious mistakes.

Does this sound scary? You need not worry, this article will help you to understand how to find a dental implant specialist who would give you functioning teeth as well as a beautiful smile.

Note that dental implant Houston is significantly different from other traditional dental procedures like the dental crown, dental bridge, dental fillings, and root canal therapy. Unlike these traditional dental procedures, dental implant Houston requires both surgical and restorative expertise of the dentist. It often requires that the dentist undergo extensive dental training in addition to the traditional dental school programs.

But because of the lack of restrictions or special training for the licensed dental implant dentists before placing the dental implants, most dental implant dentists out there vary in their level of experience, there training on dental implant procedures, their ability to perform the procedure and their materials. As a result, it may be difficult to determine the level of knowledge of any particular dental implant dentist.

To help you choose the best dental implant specialist, here is a list of questions you should ask a dental implant dentist prior to entrusting your dental implant procedure to them. Not that when you pay for a dental implant procedure, you are not just paying for the implant, you are as well paying for the training of the best implant dentist and the expertise to insert the implant properly.

Ask For Their Previous Work

Every professional dental implant specialist should have a proven track record. So, when you visit a dental implant dentist, ask for their previous works and evaluate the quality. Ask for the before and after photos of each dental implant procedure performed by the dentist. Most dentists use stock photos, so evaluate the photos carefully for authenticity.

Also, ask if the dentist use sedation dentistry to calm down anxious patients? Note carefully whether the dentist clearly explains the procedures, any likely side effects, and necessary medications for the dental implant.

More so, go online to read patients’ testimonials and reviews about the dental implant specialist before scheduling your appointment. By doing this, you will be drawing from the overall experience of those patients who had previously encountered the dentist. Positive comments and recommendation from other patients can give you an assurance that your chosen dental implant specialist is adequately trained, while negative comments are red alerts to avoid such dentist.


Are They Certified By A Dental Implant Dentist Board?

Some dentists only attended short dental classes, where they were taught how to perform dental implant surgery. Such a short dental class is simply not enough to become the best implant dentist considering the varying dental needs and health risks of patients and the risks involved in the dental implant procedure.

In fact, dental implant procedures are more likely to fail if the dental implant dentist or oral surgeon who handled it is less experienced or had not performed up to about 50 dental implants in total.

Dental implant specialists who are certified by the dental implant board must have spent several hours practicing dental implant procedures on patients and must have completed written examinations before they earned the certification.

Certification from either the American Dental Association (ADA) or American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) signifies that the dental implant specialist is well-trained and knowledgeable. It shows that the dentist had received practical training in a dental school and had written some examinations where he or she was taught how to safely handle problems like dental implant procedures, jawbone deficiencies, and how to tailor dental treatment plans to individual needs.

Ask About Continuing Education Courses

It good that the dental implant specialist had completed dental schools, has a beautiful certificate on the wall and is certified by the dental implant board. However, those are not enough. Ask the dentist if he or she is currently undergoing or has recently completed any continuing education course on dental implant procedures. The best implant dentist must have recently completed a continuing education course on dental implants within a year or two. Remember, you would be the one to benefit the most from an implant specialist who is up to date on recent dental implant procedures, dental medications, treatments, and technologies.

Are They Thorough During Consultation

During the initial consultation, the best implant dentist would do some screenings and take x-rays to determine if you are eligible for a dental implant procedure because not all patients are eligible for the procedure. The dentist should also check your health history as well as test you for healthy and sufficient jawbone, periodontal disease, oral cancer, and other factors.

However, if your initial consultation with the dentist is followed by a very quick dental examination, that’s a red alert showing that such dentist is not qualified.

Are They Using Latest Technology?

Nowadays, dental technology is greatly advancing and dental implant dentist are supposed to follow the trend. The best implant dentist should be using the latest dental technology. For instance, if the dentist is using the latest technology, such as the ICAT machine, he or she would be able to plan your dental implant procedures using 3D imaging. This will not only reduce the treatment time but would also eliminate cutting through your gingivae to find the jawbone. Using the latest dental technology will save you a lot of pain, eliminate follow-up treatments, and cut down your total recovery time.


Where Will The Surgery Happen?

It is very important for you to ask where the implant procedure would be performed. Ensure that the dental office or lab is accredited with high ratings. Also, ensure that you visit the dentist’s website to check more information. Look out for information about the dentist’s experience in handling dental implant surgeries (some dentists list their specialty on their website) as well as information about the dental staff and how well they care for their patients.

Final Note

A dental implant procedure is not just a simple cosmetic procedure, it involves a surgical process. So, try as much as possible to carry out extensive research before choosing a dental implant dentist for your dental implant procedure to avoid dental complications.

It requires a little effort to find the best implant dentist. But with the questions provided above and proper research on your part, you should have a better chance of getting a dental implant specialist who is right for you.

If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation to find out if dental implant Houston is good for you, contact us today.

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