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Dental Implants Specialist


Are you looking to schedule a consultation with a dentist for your dental implant surgery? Ensure that you consult the best dental implant specialist.

To have a successful tooth implant procedure, you would need the service of a qualified dental implant specialist Houston. Dental implant follows a series of procedures which include:

The process for placing an implant is as follows:

  • Dental appointment with the best dental implant specialist near me to confirm whether you’re eligible for dental implants or not. Dental examinations, x-rays and scans would also be carried out on your mouth during this stage.
  • Cost estimation
  • Tooth extraction
  • Bone grafting or sinus augmentation (if necessary)
  • Implant placement plus site stitched over. After this procedure, a recovery period is allowed for osseointegration to take place and for the place to heal up. The bone bonds with the titanium, creating a strong foundation for artificial teeth.
  • Installation of the abutment (support post) plus a temporary crown.
  • Taking dental impressions to create permanent tooth crown
  • Fitting of the permanent tooth crown

The entire dental implants procedures can take a long period because of the recovery time needed at each stage. Patients who do not require tooth extractions will undergo a little quicker and sometimes cheaper implant procedure. Also, some dental implant specialist Houston may insert the dental implant and abutment at the same time. This shortens the overall implant procedure.

Your experience during and after the implant procedure would vary depending on the following: your overall dental health, the number of implants required, the type of the implant chosen, the position to install the implant, and the expertise of the dental professional. Hence, you need the service of the best dental implant specialist near me for a dental implant job well done.

You can read the profile of our well-trained and experienced tooth implant professionals available in our dental implants specialist section.

Before you commence the dental implant procedure, there are some questions you may want answers to, such as:

Do I Need A Dental Implant For Each Missing Tooth?

The answer to this question depends on the position of each missing tooth. For instance, if you have just one missing tooth, you need just a dental implant to support it. And if you have multiple teeth missing, but they are next to each other, you may either get a dental implant for each tooth or get two or more dental implants for an implant-supported bridge. However, if you have multiple missing teeth that are scattered around the mouth, you would definitely need a dental implant for each missing tooth. Talk to a dental implant specialist Houston, he or she would tell you about the best option for you.

What Happens If The Dental Implant Does Not Fuse With The Jawbone?

This is a very rare occurrence as osseointegration should always take place. However, if it happens such that the dental implant becomes loose during or just after the healing period, your dentist will have to remove the implant and allow your jaw to heal up normally. Once your jaw is healed, your dentist would place another dental implant there. Or instead, your dentist can make a dental bridge and fit it to the implants that are successful.

Where Do I Get Cheap Dental Implants?

Talk to a dental implant specialist near me. The dentist would have to carry out a number of dental examinations and will give you the right advice you need. If you need the best dental implant specialist near me, contact VIP Dental Implants.

Don’t forget to also ask the dental implant specialist about:

  • All the procedures involved in the treatment.
  • The experience the dentist has in dental implant treatment.
  • The total cost of the implant treatment or an estimate.
  • What alternatives are available?
  • If a guarantee is included for the implant treatment.

Are you pleased with the answers above? If not or if you have other questions about dental implant procedures, don’t hesitate to contact VIP Dental Implants.

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