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Dental Implant Solutions


If you’re unhappy with your dentures or toothless jaw, a dental implant solution might be an alternative. At VIP Dental Implant we can provide you with the lasting solution you need.

Dental implants are titanium artificial tooth roots to replace missing tooth which are inserted into your jawbone by your dentist and allowed to fuse into the jawbone. Dental implants perform the same functions as the roots of your teeth by integrating themselves onto the jawbone to build a stable base and fuse together. Dental implants are very small in shape and size measuring about 10 mm in length and 3-5 mm in width.

For all forms of dentures or toothless jaw, dental implant solution is the best alternative. Dental implant solutions offer all types of dental implant that a dental candidate may require resolving dental problems. The dental solutions commonly available to dental patients include single dental implants, multiple teeth implants, denture stabilization, inlays and on-lays, the Same-Day implant, and full-arch All-on-4 bridges.

Dental implant solutions

Ordinarily, each missing or ailing tooth needs to be replaced with one implant. Replacing multiple teeth or entire full-mouth teeth requires other dental solutions than one tooth implant process. Your general state of dental health, your jawbone, and the gums determines the type of dental implant solution that your dentist will recommend. In some other situations, 2 to 4 implants will be enough to restore the entire full mouth dental implants. This saves time and cost. Dental implant solutions offer many benefits to dental implants candidates which include

A natural smile and social confidence

The modern implant solution makes your implants look like real-life teeth in shape, color, and contour which are fashioned after your former teeth. This restores a natural smile and social confidence better life quality. A sparkling set of teeth induces confident smiles

Eat and speak normally
A missing tooth or loss of some teeth can make you lose interest in some of your of delicacies as it becomes difficult to eat and chew. Also, a flawed-speech or difficulty to speak clearly may become commonly noticeable with a missing tooth or a set of teeth. But dental implant solutions remove every speech flaws and restore the ability to eat and chew normally.

Mouthful teeth and healthy jawbone rekindles your facial appearance

Dental implant solutions offer the youthful look and stimulate the configuration of your teeth which in turn make your face radiant. This is because dental implants solutions remove jaw drops giving you a refreshed facial smoothness.

Stable and comfortable fit
Moving dentures are not totally stable while the dental implants solutions are fixed and thus give stability to your jawbone and jaw. This offers a comfortable dental experience.

A long-lasting and proven solution
Dental implants solutions offer a long-lasting, lifetime resolution to the dental patient. The durability they offer has made them well acceptable worldwide. If properly taken care of, dental implants solutions provide a life-long comfortable experience to dental patients with undaunted functionality and stability.

Dental implant treatment surpasses other dental restorations procedures because it is a lifetime investment that needs no further maintenance or remake costs. Though the initial cost may seem high, the overall benefits override the cost value.  Other costs and problems associated with other restorative processes such as jawbone loss, high maintenance costs and the likelihood of further teeth loss.

Dental implant solutions have remained highly valued and will continue to be referenced as the best solution patterns for a reliable and long-lasting restoration of dental issues. With no better alternative to dental implants in view, dental implants remain the most reliable and surest gateway to healthier teeth restoration.

VIP Dental Implant is your solution to a reliable and long-lasting solution to your dental problems. We are always ready to have you with us.

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