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Dental Implants Procedure


There are several dental restoration processes, but the tooth implant procedure Houston is the modern restoration process that looks more natural, is long lasting, is permanent and has a high success rate. The dental implant is the best substitute for missing or damaged teeth or for supporting dental bridge and dentures.

To mimic the natural tooth, the dental implant fuses directly to your jawbone to become a unit with your jawbone structure. More so, dental implant helps to prevent your jawbone from disintegrating, which would otherwise happen once your tooth is removed.

There are various steps involved in the dental implant procedure. And each step is very essential to the long-term success of your dental implant and replacement tooth. Listed below are the necessary steps involved in the process:

Initial Consultation Appointment

Are you interested in tooth implant procedure Houston? The first thing you need to do is to schedule an appointment with your dentist to find out more about dental implant. Your dentist would explain some specific dental implant-related issues with you. Your dentist would also make some dental examinations to determine whether your dental and general medical health makes you eligible for the tooth implant process.

This includes checking if you have enough bone available in the area where the tooth is missing to support the dental implant. If you have sufficient bone, you can proceed to the next step. Otherwise, you may need to undergo bone regeneration or bone grafting procedure to restore bone to the affected area.

After certifying that you are an eligible candidate for implant dentistry but your dentist is not trained to insert a dental implant, you would be referred to another dentist who can handle the implant. Though, the final replacement tooth would be placed on the implant by your dentist.

Your dentist may also schedule a diagnostic appointment with you to determine the precise measurements and type of dental implant material that is suitable for you. Further tooth implant process involves 2 major surgical procedures at about 4 to 6 months apart.

First Dental Implant Stage

At this stage, your dentist will surgically insert the implant post into your jawbone at the site where the tooth is missing. After insertion, the site is then sutured, though the sutures would be removed after about 10 days. Normally, your dentist would place you under local anaesthesia during this stage to reduce the pain.

Your dentist would allow you sufficient time for osseointegration and recovery, which may take several months. During this healing time, the implant post will fully fuse together with your jawbone as your bone cells grow around the implant post. This recovery period is very important in the implant process so that the dental implant would be firm and strong enough to support the final dental restoration.

Second Dental Implant Stage

By now, the implant post should be fully integrated into the jawbone and the site healed. However, your dentist should reassess and evaluate the site to ascertain whether the implant post has actually fused fully with the jawbone. If the osseointegration is successful, then the other part of the implant – the abutment – is attached to the implant post. Your dentist would have to make an incision on the gum where the implant post was inserted to expose the top.  After attachment, the abutment will extend above the gum line and an impression would be taken again to create your bespoke dental crown. A temporary crown may be attached prior to the creation of the permanent crown.

Third Second Dental Implant Stage

Once your permanent crown is created, your dentist would remove the temporary crown and attach the permanent crown to the abutment permanently. The permanent crown can either be attached by screwing or by cementing. Though the cementing option is better and lasts longer, screwing the crown also allows your dentist to easily remove, clean, and re-attach the crown.

Those are the three main stages involved in tooth implant procedure Houston. To learn more about dental implant procedure, visit our dental implant page here.

Our team at VIP Dental Implants will be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss the entire steps involved in dental implant procedure with you.

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