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Dental Implant Prices


For most people, spending more money on anything than they may really have, most especially, on things that may not be fun in the long run is hard. Dental implants may fall into this category as, while they are not fun, they are relatively expensive. So hence, you may find yourself wondering, can I really get affordable dental implants? If that’s on your mind, then the answer is YES. Allow VIP Dental Implant to throw more light on that for you in this article.

Affordable Dental Implants Abroad

Going for a dental tourism is one sure proof way of getting affordable dental implants. This involves traveling to other countries to get more affordable dental care and also, vacation at the same time. Some European countries such as Poland and Hungary, are excellent for this purpose. There are also some Asian and South American countries that as well, offer cheap dental care. In a country such as Mexico, you can actually get cheaper dental implant procedures for as cheap as $600.

You should however note that, when a dental implant procedure is termed affordable, it doesn’t mean ridiculously cheap or poor quality dental care. These dental procedures are only affordable in these regions, due to the currency exchange rate. So if you’re looking to save some money on your dental implant procedures, a dental tourism to another country will do just fine.

Dental Discount Plans

Another viable option is dental discount plans. When using a dental discount plan, instead of you to pay an expensive annual insurance premium, you will receive discounts of up to 60% every time you receive a dental service without any yearly limit. For example, if there is a need for you to undergo dental implants procedures that cost about $3000, and your dental discount plan is at 50%, all you would have to do is pay an affordable dental implant cost of $1500.

To get access to one, all you need do is visit the DentalPlans website, make a choice of dental implants, input your zip code, and make your plan selection. Immediately, you would be connected with any participating dentist around you.

Dental Insurance Plans

The majority of dental insurance plan don’t cover cosmetic dentistry. Dental implants however, are more of restorative dentistry than cosmetic. This means, they may be covered by some insurance company. It is pertinent therefore, that you consult with your insurance company to discover if they cover for your dental implant procedures. If they do, they will be the ones to pay for most of your dental implant costs, with you paying just a fraction. This will make it more affordable for you.

Using Dental Students

This may seem a bit risky though, for a dental student to practice on you. The good side however, is that you are sure of getting affordable dental implants from a dental school.

Just to ease your worries though, during the procedure, a certified dentist will be with the student to carry out supervision. This case saves your time and money, as you don’t have to wait for any queues, and the treatment will be very affordable or even free in some cases.

Get a Group Discount

Still yet another way to getting affordable dental implants is to get a group discount. What this means is that, you will go for dental care with a group of other patients. You can consult us at VIP Dental Implant as your dentist to discover if a group discount can be offered if you visit with a group. It is also noteworthy to understand that not everyone in the group should be coming for a dental implant just like you. They could also be down for some other type of dental care.

You should ask around from people you know including your family members, colleagues, friends, or even scout on social media to know who might need this opportunity. When you do this, the dental care cost will be reduced for each person.

Get in here, as always, we are willing to assist you in any way possible at VIP Dental Implant to offer a solution to your dental problems.

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