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Dental Implants Cost Houston


A dental implant is not a mere option but an obligatory invest when you have a need to remove and replace an ailing or failing tooth or a set of teeth or even full mouth teeth. The dental implant procedure is an unwavering solution to resolve virtually all forms of dental issues. Be that as it may, dental implant procedures are not cheap. The cost of a dental implant can be from $3000 to about $9000 for a single tooth implant while the cost of multiple teeth dental implants may be as high as between $6000 and $30000. The cost of full mouth teeth implants can go far higher than that, sometimes to about $90000. The cost varies according to the procedure recommended by a dental surgeon for a patient. Although this can sound costly, the overall comfort and benefits that dental implants provide are unquantifiable. Aside from the comfort, dental implants enhance the social status of an individual.

To adequately prepare your mind for a dental implant procedure of your choice, let’s check the cost of some commonly recommended dental implant procedures.

  • Denture Implants Cost

The cost of Implants Supported Dentures can be put as low as $1000 but that is not realistic, that cost represents just the face value only. Realistically, the cost of a single tooth denture implant ranges between $4000 and $6000. Though a full-mouth restoration can be sought for $11000 rather than going through a complete mouth of single implants that can go as high as $160,000. This may include other initial consultation costs, extractions cost, and prosthetic costs. to having healthy jawbone that requires no bone graft and healthy gums.


  • Single Implants

The cost of single dental implants may appear to be $1000 at the onset, but the real overall cost is between $4000 and $6,000 after all. This is the case when the patient is missing just one or two teeth that need an implant in addition to having a healthy jawbone that requires no bone graft and healthy gums to comfortably accommodate the titanium bit that serves as the tooth root.

At VIP Dental Implant, we can help to determine if dental implants will be good for you. If you are a candidate for a full mouth restoration with dental implants as a preferred alternative to dentures to replace all the teeth, you should expect a cost that rises to anything between $15,000 and $30,000 for implant-supported full mouth restorations. The cost of full-mouth total replacements could range well above $60,000 and $90,000.


Factors responsible for cost variations in dental implants and dentures

Obviously, the costs of different implants are not the same and cannot be the same for so many reasons. Some factors are responsible for different prices. For instance, the numbers of teeth that requires to be replaced. As previously stated, the cost of a single tooth replacement cannot equate that of multiple teeth implants. Also, a procedure which requires additional processes like bone graft, sinus lifting, pre-treatment of gum infections will surely increase the cost of the implants.

Other considerations include sourcing for low-cost dental implants experts or deep search for low teeth cost near me.  The dental search tool will be of great assistance to help you locate affordable dental dentist around you. Your general state of health is also a determinant of the cost you have to pay for your dental implants procedure. If you are in a fair state of health, the possibility is that your dental health will be good too. This means that your jawbone is firm, thick, and sounds to take an implant without additional cost on bone graft.

Visit us today at VIP Dental Implant, let us be at your service and give you that experience you fully require.

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