We know that you missed those chuckles on parties when you were not afraid of laughing out loud and not fearing that your false teeth would fall out in front of your friends. Those were the old dentures that became loose to fit.

Dentures are indeed a good option for missing teeth, but no matter how well they are fabricated, they tend to get loose over the period due to surface changes of the jaw bone on which they are worn, and require frequent repair or replacement. As a result, they are not very popular among patients.

A modern and more reliable option exists in the form of a dental implant in which a false tooth is supported by a metallic screw fixed into the bone just like the natural tooth. This gives you a feel just like your natural tooth and doesn’t wobble or displace during everyday activity.

However, what if all of the teeth are missing – do we need to support each tooth with a separate screw?

No, certainly not! Thanks to the “all on four” concept, instead of using a separate implant for every single tooth we will replace all your missing teeth in a jaw by placing only four implants per jaw. Technically this is a combination of the two concepts of rehabilitation mentioned above, or in simple words an “ a complete fixed bridge supported by dental implants.”


Getting All-On-Four Implant Supported Dentures at VIP Dental

The all-on-Four implants refers to a treatmetn protocol in which our best dental implant doctors in Houston will replace your missing teeth in a jaw with a complete fixed bridge that is supported by just four implants.

There is no strict design for choosing the sites of implant placement, and the treatment plan may vary from one dentist to the other. They are mostly placed in the anterior portion of the jaws with their alignment being straight or at some angle to the bone, but the decision lies with your dental specialist. You may need to have some thorough evaluation regarding your general health before designing an appropriate treatment plan. The dentist may also advise you to get a few x-rays done to check the bone quality before putting implants in it.

Once the check-up is complete and the plan is finalized, you will get an appointment for implant placement. The procedure is carried out in the dental office under local anesthesia that will only numb the portion of your jaw where surgery is being performed.

We will place all the four implants required for supporting the fixed bridge in a single visit. it usually takes around an hour for our best implant dentists in Houston at placing them; however, in certain conditions, the surgery may extend for a bit longer

Once the denture implants Houston TX have been inserted into their position, we will attach a temporary prosthesis over them so that you don’t have to live without your teeth while the healing of surgical site takes place.

After a few months, when complete healing has taken place, we will remove the temporary prosthesis and attach the permanent fixed bridge over the implant. We will design the fixed complete bridge in such a way that that only gives you a naturally beautiful and attractive smile, but you will also regain your ability to eat your favorite foods and speak without any difficulty.


Delayed Versus Immediate Loading

Traditionally the false teeth were not replaced until a few months after surgery to have a strong union between implants and the bone. Nowadays there are several systems approved by the American Dental Association (ADA) that allow you to have artificial teeth within weeks after the placement of implants. This idea of “immediate loading” is the center of focus in contemporary dentistry in many parts of the world. Fortunately, it has provided us with predictable results and long-term success.

Keeping in view your needs of maximum benefit and limited cost the all on four implants are being practiced in many dental offices near you. It is an affordable dental implant option for those who want a fixture for all missing teeth. It can restore your smile in a short duration and give you the confidence that you were struggling with the old fashioned dentures.

All you need to do is visit a dental implant office near you. You might be prescribed a few routine investigations after which you will be given a comprehensive treatment plan for your teeth. You may discuss the plan in detail with our experienced and qualified dentists, who are the best persons to customize your smile makeover while considering your dental and esthetic needs. If you think you are busy with professional commitments, give us a call, and we will schedule an appointment that falls according to your availability.

So, there is no need to wait. Here’s your chance to say goodbye to your poor fitting and unaesthetic dentures. A beautiful smile with an affordable dental implants in Houston is waiting for you at VIP Dental Implants. So, book an appointment with your us today and ask about the all on four dental implants.

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