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Temporary or Permanent Dental Implants


When you have a dire need for dental implants, what is your choice? A permanent or a temporary dental implant, the choice is purely yours. You are the master of your own oral configuration; you are the one that knows how you feel with your dental state of health. So, you are the final decision maker in this case, not anyone else, not even your dentist who wants some bucks out of your lean pocket.

You may need a dental implant but there are some factors that will determine your readiness and choice of what you want. Mind this; NO ONE can enforce a choice on you. Right!

There are several limiting factors that may affect the type of dental implant you actually need, still there are other greater factors that determine what you want. Your pocket is one factor. Your emotional state is another prime determinant of your choice.

Ostensibly, you may wish to have permanent tooth or teeth replacement, but if you are financially or emotionally not ready, you can opt for the cheaper option, – temporary implant(s). In as much as your dental professional is ready to give you an option that will soothe your situation and offer temporary succor that will not aggravate any discomfort, and then you should be ready to go for it.

Permanent or temporary dental implant, which is right?

You need to know that at VIP Dental Implant, just as any other dental expert, we will usually give you a temporary tooth or a set of teeth while you wait for the ‘forming’ lab to get your permanent dentures ready. There is an alternative; you can get a temporary denture that works well like the permanent ones which can serve you for a long time.

Although, a permanent implant is quite rewarding temporary dental implant affordably offer you immediate care and need, with no long-time waiting involved.

Let’s examine the accessible and realist options of temporary implants.

Cemented Temporary Crowns

Cemented temporary crowns is an open option when you are looking for a quick-fix temporary implant, in this case, your dentist may have to give his opinion if it is a choice that can guarantee what you need since this option may not be ideal for every dental implant candidate. In this case, the crown is cemented to the natural tooth, or better still to the abutment of the implant. The advantages it offers include filling the gap during the ‘waiting-time’ for the permanent tooth. It is immobile, hence no risk of shifting or movement. It does not require any removal for cleaning. The temporary cemented crown looks much like real, natural tooth and the surrounding tissues form well with it. It can later be replaced with a permanent implant.

The biggest downside of a cemented crown is that the implant on which it is cemented can break under stress and pressure. Again, this temporary option is not really cheap; it may cost you up to $1000 to get a tooth done.


Dental flippers

Dental flipper tooth is another type of temporary denture that can serve your immediate need. Dental flipper tooth is attached to a metal framework to replace your missing tooth. This will work well for you in case your jawbone and gum cannot sufficiently and safely accommodate a screw-retained implant.


Dental Flipper is considered to be the cheapest option for a temporary teeth implant. It is affordable and easy to source. It can be made within a day or two and it has a high rate of success. It does not put unreasonable pressure on implants.

As cheap as this temporary teeth option is, it has some pros. It can exert on due pressure on your gum. Also, because of its removable feature, it is not totally stable which cause to undue injury to your gum. It can fall out of your mouth and can easily get broken. It may partially impair fluency in talking especially a few weeks after insertion.


Basically, permanent teeth implants have greater advantages over the temporary dental implants. However, the immediate comfort and cost consideration make the temporary dental implant a better option especially during the waiting time to get your permanent implants in place.


If you have settled on getting a temporary dental implant, then come over to VIP Dental Implant, as we will surely offer you best services that you really deserve.

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