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Teeth Implant Houston


It is no longer a herculean task to locate some dental implant experts in Houston as there are several of them available depending on the type of dental implants required. VIP Dental Implant is the preferred location for you. Though many dental implants candidates may want to know how much it can cost to secure dental implants in Houston. But there is no cut-edge answer to the precise cost of dental implants in Houston as the cost may vary for many reasons. First, the cost of implants procedures varies from one dental expert to another. Incidentally too, the type of dental implants required may determine how much it will cost. The scope of tooth implant procedures in Houston is daily enlarging, covering so many specialized areas of dentistry such as dental cosmetic, teeth whitening and bleaching.


Generally, a patient has several options to replace a missing tooth. The first option is to have a dental implant surgery placed by a qualified dental surgeon. This may involve several steps and the time involved may depend on many other factors such as if some additional dental processes are required before an implant can be placed. These may include sinus lifting, bone grafting, or gum pre-treatment. The numbers of teeth to be replaced is another factor that may affect the cost and time needed for dental implants procedure. A dental implant procedure involves replacing a missing tooth or set of teeth with a titanium tooth implant capped with a crown connected to the implant by an abutment.

Again, a patient may opt for a non-removable (fixed) dental bridge to replace a missing tooth or teeth crowns. In this case, the newly inserted dental bridge is supported by the crowns of adjacent teeth. The cost of a dental bridge could be far cheaper to that of a dental implant.


Fake tooth implant in Houston is another option that is commonly available to dental patients. Porcelain material or composite resins manufactured in a dental laboratory is adapted to form a fake tooth for general use. The composite resins are tailored to match the color of the natural teeth of the patient.

What to Consider about natural and fake tooth

The fake tooth may look almost like a natural tooth, but the two differ in characteristics. The natural tooth can deteriorate, decay, loose, or complete come off from the jawbone resulting from many factors which may include careless oral hygiene, infections, weak or thin jawbone, bone loss, accident, or some natural occurrences. When a tooth or a set of teeth is missing due to any of the factors, you may become a candidate for dental implants. Your dentist will examine you and advice on the type of dental option best suited to your condition. Fake tooth replacement if properly done by a dental expert keeps you going like the natural teeth.

On the other hand, natural teeth may become stained or colored with time due to the use of tobacco (smoking or chewing), coffee and other food items which may permanently attach to the teeth. Sometimes, some of the food debris can stick to a tooth or a set of your teeth to form plaque. Your dentist can in most cases remove the plaques and colors to restore your teeth to the original natural look. Teeth whitening and bleaching are some of the common processes that dentists employed to restore tinted teeth to their formal whitish state. On the contrary, teeth whitening and bleaching are do not work for fake teeth or implants. This is because they are basically fashioned to match the color shade of your natural teeth. Many different dental materials used in restorations and cosmetic treatments do not respond to most whitening teeth agents. Some of the whitening treatments may damage your natural or fake teeth. This is so when the restoration is old or when some form decay has occurred on the surrounding teeth. In this case, whitening treatment may cause you sensitivity, tissue irritation or burning from some dental whitening agents. With fake crowns, veneers, bridges, or dental implants, whitening treatment may not be applicable or daisy. In as much as some tooth stains caused by coffee or tobacco can be removed from your colored crowns and fillings by teeth whitening process, it is advisable to consult your dental implant surgeon in Houston before embarking on any whitening process.

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